Do You Have Tanorexia or a Tanning Addiction??

some people take tanning a little to serious. some people don't care if they're tan or pale. you can be a tanorexic or a tanning addict. if your normal, well you like your natural color and only tan when necessary.

let's see how much of a tanning freak you are. choose the answer of the questions that best suit you. are you a tanorexic, a tanning addict, both, or you just don't care?

Created by: amber of myspace
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  1. Do you think your a tanaholic??
  2. You hate it when
  3. You need to be tan
  4. You feel ____ while you tan
  5. Being pale to you is...
  6. You see someone tanner than you and...
  7. You have ____ tanning lotions, sprays, etc.
  8. You go tanning at least ___ times a week...
  9. Do you tan indoors or outdoors??
  10. Your motto is...

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Quiz topic: Do I Have Tanorexia or a Tanning Addiction??