Do you have manners?

Hello GTQ users! Welcome to my quiz. It is very interesting. Do you have manners? If so then you should take this quiz. You will get the answer in a minute. Okay. Come on.

This quiz gonna be very interesting,amazing and fantastic and you will of course like it very much. I will only test that whether you have manners or not. Are you ready?

Created by: Nazifur Rohman

  1. Do you have manners?
  2. Do you talk while eating?
  3. Do you respect your parents,teachers and friends?
  4. Do you respect your younger ones?
  5. What we use when someone is on our way?
  6. What we use when we do something by mistake?
  7. What we use when we ask something from someone?
  8. Do you help someone while crossing the road?
  9. Do you throw wrappers anywhere?
  10. Do you laugh at anyone when he is in trouble?

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Quiz topic: Do I have manners?