Do you have ligma?

you may have ligma but you dont know so at last you have to think whether you want to take this test or not so find out now on whether you want to know the deets and figure it out Do you have lIgma?

im just writing this because i dont know whether this thing needs it, oh wait it does so i dont know why im here and my existential crisis is getting worst and now i ran out of meds and i feel that my life is spiraling out of controal

Created by: deez nuts

  1. Did ninja die of ligma?
  2. What do you tell a friend when they reply whats bofa?
  3. What is updogg?
  4. Whats ligma?
  5. Do your friends hate these jokes
  6. According to WebMD what is your diagnosis of ligma?
  7. lastly who would you f---
  8. do you know of any ligma carriers
  9. why do want to take this quiz
  10. Do you hate urself

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Quiz topic: Do I have ligma?