do you have depression

Slightly more than four percent of the world's population are diagnosed with depression. It is The Second Leading Cause of Disability Worldwide.

take this quiz to find out if you could be suffering from this disorder. note- this test is not meant to be a diagnosis. you must be diagnosed by a trained professional.

Created by: Emily
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  1. how often do you feel sad,hopeless,worthless, etc.
  2. do you have trouble sleeping? or sleep too much?
  3. do you feel tired or worn down??
  4. do you eat too much? too little?
  5. how would you rate your self esteem?
  6. do you have suicidal thoughts? or thoughts of harming your self?
  7. loss of interest in activities you used to enjoy??
  8. have you made plans for suicide ? or have you attempted suicide ?
  9. has any one in your family been diagnosed with a mental health disorder?
  10. and last, do you think you have depression?

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Quiz topic: Do I have depression