Do you have Depersonalization disorder

This quiz is suppose to tell you whether or whether not you have depersonalization disorder it describes the symptoms of the disorder and whether or whether on not you have it. It also tells you if you need to get therapy or not and if you have this disorder consider therapy again

hopefully this quiz will be helpful for you and help you know if you have depersonalization disorder or not and this should determine your risk and chances on depersonalization

Created by: nolife7373
  1. Do you often fill dizzy
  2. Do you often fill like your in a dream
  3. Do you ever fill like your going in and out of reality
  4. Do you ever fill like your dying
  5. do you ever feel numb
  6. Do you ever feel like your not in control of your words
  7. do you ever feel like emotionally disconnected
  8. Do you ever feel like your on auto pilot or like a feeling of being a robot
  9. Do you ever feel outa control of your body land like your not in control of your words and actions
  10. Do you ever feel outa your body
  11. Did you enjoy this quiz

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Quiz topic: Do I have Depersonalization disorder