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  • Yeah i get angry for a minute sometimes a lot more and then suddenly calm. lol my secret. if you know it il track you down
    jk :)

    Pientahna Feb 10 '17, 2:32AM
  • Lol @qwerty747 you have anger problems chill it's just a quiz

    Noodlepuddle Jun 17 '16, 8:02PM
  • Lol @qwerty747 you have anger problems chill it's just a quiz

    Noodlepuddle Jun 17 '16, 8:01PM
  • Lol @qwerty747 you have anger problems chill it's just a quiz

    Noodlepuddle Jun 17 '16, 7:57PM
  • What The hell kind oF person do they thinK they are to be calling people stupid! Anger issues have nothing to do with intelligence!

    An d instead of teasing, say something supportive you Dick!

    qwerty747 Oct 11 '15, 6:45PM
  • This quiz is offensive it told me no one will ever trust me or like me! First of all it doesn't even know anything about me and that was uncalled for it could have been more polite so yeah I feel NO REMORSE for flagging this quiz and if they don't take this quiz OFF THE PAGE THEN I WILL REPORT THE WEBSITE or they better change the answers who ever wrote this quiz should be in trouble !!! Who ever wrote this is a B***h and should burn in hell who would say that to complete strangers !

    Lexi b Jul 12 '15, 9:16PM
  • The answer I got was stupid you completely don't know me and if u did it won't be pretty. You could have been a little nicer by saying it or what we need to work on duh loser.

    Katharine Mar 3 '15, 5:53PM
  • Actually, I'm a lot angrier then what was stated in the quiz. I've took one of these quizzes before, but it was nothing like this, something different. Anywho, some answers weren't on there that I had thought about on the quiz, so I pretty much would've gotten it a lot lower than 5%. And saying that I'm not bright person because of this, shows how immature of a person you are to call me and everyone else that.

    Kordei Brooke Feb 6 '15, 10:01PM
  • wtf!!! Not very loyal? 4 ur informatioin, I'm the most loyal person ever. i just don't like being messed about with.

    GoAway Jan 6 '14, 3:21PM
  • For your information I'm very loyal and prob smarter than you bie loser!

    Liv_love_lol Oct 6 '13, 6:04PM
  • WHAT I have like 19 %
    Thats not possible
    I seriously almost beat up a boy in my class for flirting and constantly staring at me
    I completely break whenever ppl stare at me

    shinedown Feb 21 '13, 9:51PM
  • You have 0% percent of anger issues

    Woo, you got some work to do my friend. You're not very loyal, not very nice, and not very bright. Quit it with all the tantrums, and fits once in a while. Maybe one day if you change people will see a better side in you. If you don't like your result, try another anger issue quiz. Bet you won't do any better though XD

    This answer was confusing. I try to keep most of my thoughts in my head but I was so close to stabbing this kid with my pen becasue he wouldn't shut up.

    Icearrow Mar 29 '12, 5:46PM
  • I got 3% lol most of the stuff is in my mind at the moment but im reaching my breaking point -_- soon my score will be in the negatives xD

    Acra May 17 '11, 9:44PM

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