Do you have an awesome gf?

This quiz will tell you whether or not your gf is AWESOME. do people tell you she is? do you think she is? Is she boring? funny? hot? cute? bubbly? take this quiz!!!!!!!!

find out now if your gf is AWESOME....hurry!! take this quiz to find out if you tryuly have an AWESOME gf!!! Do you? or don't you? Do you? OR IS SHE LAME??????? FIND OUT NOW!!!

Created by: taylor

  1. Is your gf...
  2. What would you get her for her bday?
  3. Would you be sad if she died?
  4. Would your gf kiss you in public?
  5. is she a good friend?
  6. is she popular?
  7. Is she a good listener?
  8. Is she awesome to you?
  9. is she a good kisser?
  10. Would you ever dump her for someone else?

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Quiz topic: Do I have an awesome gf?