Do You Have A Learning Disability Quiz?

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The Quiz Is Really Good Hope You Like It. If You Got 0-17 You Have Little To No Learning Problems. 17-33 Very Little. 33-50 Average Problems. 50-67 Not Most Not Least. 67-83 Kinda Big Problems. 83-100 Very Big Problems.

If You Like I'm Glad. If You Didn't Don't Hate On Me, I Tried. And Check Out All The Other Gotoquiz Quizzes. Hope You Did Well.

Created by: BR
  1. Do You Mispronounce Certain Words?
  2. Do You Have Difficultly Reading Unfamiliar Words?
  3. Pause Repeat Or Make Mistakes When Reading Aloud.
  4. Struggle To Understand What Somebody Has Read.
  5. Avoid Reading For Pleasure.
  6. Make Spelling Errors On Homework Assignment.
  7. Have Messy Handwriting.
  8. Have Trouble with punctuation and capitalization.
  9. Resist Writing Tasks.
  10. Have Difficulty Getting Thoughts Down On Paper.
  11. Confuse Math Symbols And/Or Operations Addition Subtraction Multiplication And Division.
  12. Reverse Numbers.
  13. Struggle With Concepts Related To Time And Money.
  14. Struggle To Differentiate Facts From Fantasy.
  15. Express Anxiety And Frustration.
  16. Seem To Tire Easily While Doing School Work.
  17. Complain From Aches Pains Or Other Discomforts.
  18. Say He/She Is Stupid And Not Smart.
  19. Do You Argue With Your Parents?
  20. Struggle To Follow Spoken Directions Or Explanations Especially When There Are No Illustration.
  21. Have Difficulty Understanding Spoken Language When There Is A Lot Of Background Noise.
  22. Have Difficulty Following Verbal Jokes Or A Story Read By An Adult.
  23. Struggle To Participate In Extended Conversation Or Miss Parts Of Conversation.
  24. Struggle With Science Or History Terms Concept Or Facts.
  25. Have Difficulty Pay Attention For More Then 15 Minutes.
  26. Take A Long Time To Complete Simple Tasks.
  27. Have Difficulty Planning Or Organizing Tasks.
  28. Lose Track Of Time Or Misplace Objects.
  29. Having Trouble Tolerating Boredom Or Tedious Tasks.

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Quiz topic: Do I Have A Learning Disability Quiz?