do you have a big dreams

there are many people all around world have big dreams and if you got a big big dreams i hope you to follow it and never give up on it and all way be confident

this quizzes tell you that do you have a big dreams. and try to help you to felloow it and never give up and be all way be confident and i hope you meet your goal.

Created by: lajewellzprophet

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. what song you like to sing and listen too.
  2. what you good at and talent at.
  3. what your favorite thing to do all time
  4. did you dream about this forever
  5. are you going to fallow your dreams
  6. are you really good at it.
  7. do your friend say you good at it
  8. if have a talent show at your school will you accept it
  9. do you go on youtube to get your dreams to come true
  10. do you think this is fun quizzes

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Quiz topic: Do I have a big dreams