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  • I hate Justin Bieber.

    Your quiz sucked. It didn't have correct grammar or spelling and some answers that I would've picked weren't even on there.

    Also, don't call JB gay. He is obviously not gay. That is an insult to people that are actually gay. So shut it.

    Sage Parson
  • SOrry, your quiz is soooo inaccurate. :/ I clicked on all the hate him options and I still got 67%. Also, why the f--- does 67 percent say that you love him?!

  • He is the biggest freak ever! He really sucks and he keeps uopn sucking to that selena gal. He is all what the good guys aren't are! He is very difficult to sum up. Let us say he is a .Gay? How does that sound?

  • I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER!!!!! Justin Bieber is the hate of my life. SHE cant sing to save HER life. Sorry Beliebers

    F**k JB!!

  • LOL you called him a she twice. i dont really care for him that much hes okay i guess

    music monster J
  • lol, nice quiz

  • F*** JB!!!! UUUUR I HATE HIM!!


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