Do you hate being the oldest?

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This quiz is to see if you like or hate being the oldest. Allot of people like being the oldest and others may not like being the oldest. If you have an older brother or sister...

...don't worry. I'll make a different quiz just for you. Just type in the comments that your younger then your brother or sister or that your an only child and I'll get to work.

Created by: littlemissvamp

  1. Does your brother or sister take your stuff?
  2. Do you hate being the oldest in your family?
  3. Do you like being the oldest in your family?
  4. Are they annoying?
  5. Do they come in your room and mess your room up?
  6. Do you have a brother or sister that is older than you?
  7. Do you love them?
  8. Do they hit you?
  9. Do they draw on your walls?
  10. Comment?
  11. Rate?
  12. Bye

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Quiz topic: Do I hate being the oldest?