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  • Ugg, I do so not get hurt for attention! This quiz is so inaccurate, I'm more 75% tolerance for pain, NOT 51! Uggg

    Caspian09 May 13 '18, 9:06PM
  • What the HECK! 51 PAIN TOLERANCE? Stupid quiz says I'm a wimp. >:( I can't even REMEMBER the last time I cried! Worst quiz eva
    (Lol this probably sounds like a wimpy person commenting >.

    Caspian09 May 13 '18, 9:03PM
  • 64% yay!!!! Daddys punishments are helping

    bdsmbaby May 13 '18, 7:15PM
  • 23%? Oh heck, I have a lot more tolerance than that. I’ve never broken a bone, so what? I don’t play sports because I’m lazy af. I’ve never fallen out of a tree not because I’m afraid of feeling pain, but because I was very stable and balanced. I’m scared of getting shots or bee stings because I have apiphobia/slight trypanophobia. I’m not scared of the pain, I just get panicked.

    Stormfox9 May 13 '18, 11:14AM

    Mira99 May 12 '18, 11:37AM
  • This is so stupid because the first time I took this quiz, it said that I try to get attention for my pain. Then I answer the same exact things except what sport I play and it said I don't let anyone see my pain. Just because I don't play football that automatically makes me an attention seeker.

    Username12341234 Aug 18 '14, 4:28AM
  • It wasn't accurate

    DarthVader Sep 15 '13, 12:15AM
  • i jump off the hill once i was saved by posion vampire barnabas collins he was a my hero

    ceuenfe Jul 11 '12, 9:46PM
  • no i jump in the hill once i was saved by posion vampire

    ceuenfe Jul 11 '12, 9:45PM
  • i dont like pain

    ceuenfe Jul 11 '12, 9:41PM
  • Okay people, don't be mean :-/

    flyer586 May 10 '12, 11:06PM
  • i didn't like this quiz. You see after i realized that pain is connected to life and death i quit caring about it. why would i milk sumthing that i dont care about?

    Damion0989 Feb 29 '12, 12:18PM
  • what the hell!!!! i rarely get hurt and when i do i dont feel it -_- u have issues this test is not right really 36% >=[

    rinieluv_93 Feb 27 '12, 10:53AM
  • What the hell...I'm definately not 16%. I hold back tears when I'm getting a shot because I'm afraid there's gonna be an earthquake and then the doctor will bump into the shot and it will stick into one of my bones. Also, I am only a crybaby when it comes to mental pain because there is this ignorant little f--- that's trying to ruin my life. I used to cry over physical pain. Then I took a Skyrim in the Ps3...

    Death Dovey Feb 26 '12, 1:21PM
  • Good LOL :)

    flyer586 Feb 23 '12, 8:33PM
  • I got 53 percent, haha. No. I'd say about 70 percent tolerance for pain. I always get scracthes and bruises and have no idea where they came from. Also, I never shed a tear over physical pain. Only when I'm emotionally hurt do I cry. (: But I'm not hating or anything. This quiz wasn't so terrible. And
    P.S. I never hurt myself to get attention. Call me crazy, but I'll only cut myself to get my anger and emotions out. I don't barely ever cut anymore though. (: Hippy!!

    WolfAtHeart Feb 22 '12, 4:27PM
  • 59% eh?

    AllHailLelouch Feb 22 '12, 11:22AM
  • 96% very true!!!

    Gemi0203 Feb 22 '12, 2:33AM
  • Its okay :)

    flyer586 Feb 21 '12, 9:51PM
  • oh whoops sorry for my previous comment my friend is over she posted that.

    sprite101 Feb 21 '12, 9:44PM
  • um ok not really accurate but most poor quizzes aren't

    sprite101 Feb 21 '12, 9:43PM
  • Sunshine celery stalks

    Appleshy Feb 21 '12, 6:47PM

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