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  • Do You Deserve To Get Bullied At?
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    No one deserves to get bullied at. I was once a girl that is always bullied to the point that I'm very ashamed of myself and have had a low self confidence..but don't worry I'm not one of those bullies who'll make your self confidence crashing to the ground, to all of those girls who are bullied and depressed out there. Speak. Don't let anyone make fun of you and show them how beautiful you are. Show them that you're a wonderful creation of those who are suicidal..Leave those blades and pills behind you have a wonderful future and I can assure you that. Come on, show that wonderful smile you are all hiding and live life the fullest, don't get those bullies get into you because I know in my heart that you all are beautiful and will be succesful in life :)

    100% Nope
    Awww thats sweet 👌🏻

  • Yea I'm but I've been through allot. I've beenbullied my whole life and almost died when I was a baby.

    Kayleebugs 1314

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