Do you deserve my trust?

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Hi Draco Michaelis made another quiz. I feel like making this quiz because I need to see if I can trust anyone here. I actually hope I can because then, I will have no friends.

If you want to find out then take the quiz. Now let me blabber death out of me. The guy in my quiz picture is called Charles Grey he is one of the good people in Black Butler. Ok let’s get on with this quiz.

Created by: SevenDeadlySins

  1. First things first, are you a boy or a girl?
  2. Age?
  3. What are you?
  4. Which one of seven deadly sins do you possess?
  5. Do you like anime?
  6. Pick a word to describe yourself.
  7. Do you talk to me?
  8. If I trust you, will you be honest to me in return?
  9. Did you manage to tame/charm me?
  10. Do I think you’re annoying?
  11. Would you rather give the hurtful truth or tell a little white lie?
  12. Pick a quote.
  13. Are you my friend?
  14. Bye this is the end of my quiz.

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Quiz topic: Do I deserve my trust?

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