Do You Belong In Monster High Or Ever After High?

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This quiz is about which high school you attend. Either Monster High, the sons and daughters of famous monsters, or Ever After High, the sons and daughters of famous fairytales. Which one do you attend?

Ever After High or Monster High? Which do you attend? Answer these very easy, simple 12 questions to get your school. Please rate and comment at the end!

Created by: Apple White

  1. Do you have a Critter Account or a Mirror Blog?
  2. Do you like C.A. Cupid's Monster High Outfit or Ever After High Outfit?
  3. Which theme song?
  4. Are you a Fellow Fairytale or a Cool Ghoul?
  5. Best Friend Forever Afters or Ghoulfriends?
  6. A Famous Fairytale or a Monstrous Monster?
  7. Royal or Rebel?
  8. Saver or Ruiner?
  9. Biteology, the Creepateria, Muse-ic, or Cooking Class-ic?
  10. Headmaster Grimm or Headmistress Bloodgood?
  11. Did you enjoy this quiz? Please rate and comment! If you can't comment, rate! Bye and thanks! (No effect)

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Quiz topic: Do I Belong In Monster High Or Ever After High?