Which Ever After High character are you?

Which Ever After High Character are you? Ever After High is the highschool where the teenage daughters and sons of Fairytale characters study. There are three Ever After High characters in this quiz.

You could get Apple White, Briar Beauty or Ashlynn Ella. Apple White is the Daughter of Snow White and just as her mother was, the fairest. Briar Beauty is the daughter of sleeping beauty and is a fun loving party girl. Ashlynn Ella is the Daughter of Cinderella and is very kind,caring and loves shoes.

Created by: Princess Apple White
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Royal or Rebel?
  2. Favorite Colour
  3. What are you?
  4. Describe yourself
  5. Prince Charming
  6. Hair
  7. Eyes
  8. Skin
  9. Favorite Character
  10. Favorite Disney Princess

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Quiz topic: Which Ever After High character am I?