Do You Belong At The Great Ga'Hoole Tree?

Guardians of Ga'Hoole is a popular book series, and even more now than before because of the movie Legend Of The Guardians. So, after this quiz, i'll make which guardians of ga'hoole character are you.

So, which owl are you smarter than? Do you belong at Ga'Hoole? Could you even get there without going yeep? The only way to answer these many questions is to take this test to see your smarts and how you would fit in at the tree. Good luck!

Created by: sorentheowl
  1. Who is the main owl?
  2. Who is Metal Beak really?
  3. Who is the colliering ryb?
  4. Who is a member of the Chaw Of Chaws?
  5. Who is actually a Keilian snake?
  6. Who is the male eagle?
  7. Which ryb is a traitor?
  8. Who is the true king of Ga'Hoole?
  9. Who is Ezylryb's sister?
  10. Who is the band's burrowing owl?
  11. Who is the main elf owl?

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Quiz topic: Do I Belong At The Great Ga'Hoole Tree?