do you believe in ghosts??

its bout ghost and weather u believe i in them if its not good its mi first quiz

blah blah have to do this take it 2 see if u believe in ghosts

Created by: lizardluv393

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  1. first of all do u believe in them??
  2. have u ever seen a ghost before??
  3. have u felt one near u before
  4. have u ever talked 2 one
  5. have u ever been 2 a haunted house
  6. im running out of questions srry just pick one wnt effect ur score
  7. did u ever see ur pets ghost example: a couple days after mi dog died i saw her ghost near her old pet bed(im not making that up either)
  8. did u like this quiz(no effect)
  9. pick 1 (no effect)
  10. srry i ran out of questions its mi first quize(no effect)
  11. last question waz it good(no effect)

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Quiz topic: Do I believe in ghosts??