Do You and Your Crush Look Cute Together?

hi what is up im sarah and this is a quiz about if you look cute with someone. It can be for when you're in love, or just bored and seeing how things go

Don't be offended by the quiz, it's just my personal opinion, and you don't have to accept it. In fact, if you really like them and don't really think im right, then don't take the quiz, because you've already got things sorted out

Created by: sarah
  1. How tall are you two? *girl #boy
  2. What Color Eyes do you guys have *girl #boy
  3. Do you like each other?
  4. Do you have compatible zodiac signs?
  5. Do you have similar personalities? If so, what kind of personality
  6. Do you ever hold hands, hug, or do any other cute things?
  7. What color hair do you guys have? *girl #boy
  8. Do you really like this person?
  9. What is the difference in age?
  10. What are your body types? *girl #boy

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Quiz topic: Do I and my Crush Look Cute Together?