Do you act like a Tom boy, or a girly?!

I hope you will thoroughly enjoy this quiz. Maybe it will inspire some activities! Like a shopping spree or some basketball practice! So get ready to find out...

ARE YOU A TOM BOY OR A GIRLY?!? 👰👧👩👸🌟💫✨💃👪👒👠This is a quiz designed for girls and ladies. Not boys or men. Thank you! And please note that this was made by a child, so not everything is formal. She tried!

Created by: EmmyTheViolist
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like jewelry?
  2. Do you wear make up?
  3. Do you wear short skirts?
  4. Do you wear skin tight shirts?
  5. What is your favorite combo?
  6. This question has no effect at all. Just since I have to have 12 how would you respond?
  7. How do you start a conversation?
  8. How do you end a coversation?
  9. Favorite movie from these choices:
  10. LAST QUESTION. favorite color

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Quiz topic: Do I act like a Tom boy, or a girly?!