Do you a real Inspirit [Infinite fan]?

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HI INSPIRIT!!!!!! or multi kpop fans.....I am Sri Lankan Inspirit.....💛💛💛 I brought you some easy questions about INFINITE kpop boy group.......♾♾♾

Let's see.... Do you know about our 7 romeos....There are very easy questions below.... Try it....👍👍 I know you will answer these questions well.....

Created by: Gayathri

  1. Who is the leader of Infinite ?
  2. When did Infinite start to debut?
  3. Who is their visual?
  4. The number of members in Infinite currently? [after 2017]
  5. Who is Choding?
  6. Who is the dance machine?
  7. Who is L?
  8. When is Dongwoo's birthday?
  9. Who is the Maknae?
  10. Who is the main vocalist?

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Quiz topic: Do I a real Inspirit [Infinite fan]?