How much do you know about kpop?

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Hello .. This is new quiz kpop.. My name Edrina .. I'm 12 yrs old and from Malaysia ..I'm multi fandom but most to ARMY,EXOL,WANNABLE,IGOT7 and ELF ..

Answer it honestly .. Please not searched in Internet the answer .. Fighting .. Good Luck ... I love youuu . Saranghaee..I hope you searched more kpop

Created by: Edrina

  1. What BTS stands for?
  2. When Exo Debuted?
  3. Who is the golden maknae in BTS?
  4. What army stands for?
  5. Which of the following is a maknae in their group?
  6. Which of the following is not the original member of KARA?
  7. Which year is BigBang debut?
  8. Which pair of fan club is wrong?
  9. Which of the following members of dbsk have duet with jang ri in?
  10. Cnblue and Ftisland is in same company?
  11. Who is the lead dancer in bigbang?
  12. Which is the song that win Mnet Asian Music Award 2010 for song of the year?
  13. What date Wannaone debuted?
  14. What company is a new agency for Wannaone ?
  15. What is the birth name of jisung wannaone ?
  16. What is Kai's Exo blood type?
  17. Who is the members of CBX?
  18. Got7 debuted on?
  19. Who is the members of got7 is JJ project?
  20. What is korean name of Mark Got7?
  21. What countries that Mark Got7 stayed for a couple of years?
  22. What is birth name of Jackson Got7?
  23. What state and country that jennie blackpink stayed for 5 years?
  24. Who is the name of Lisa's blackpink stepfather?
  25. What is the date of super junior debuted?
  26. What is the real name leader of super junior?
  27. Henry ex Suju was born in?
  28. He moves to California when he was 10 yrs old?Suju members..
  29. Who is the bts members was studying and lived 6 month at New Zealand?
  30. Who is Jimin BTS'role model?

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Quiz topic: How much do I know about kpop?