do u really like him

this test is for all those girls who arent really sure if they really like there man.and to see if he is the one. hopful its because your shy that you got low score but im pretty sure that next time it will be better

do you really like hime? take this quiz and find out..... you ll never know what you might get he might be a great guy but to out going for you and thats cool maybe you r next try will be the rid=ght one for you or maybe you just dont knowe what good is

Created by: symone

  1. are you always thinking about him?
  2. do you tell all of your friends about him
  3. if he ever did something stupid and everyone laugh at him would you still be with him
  4. if he ever sang to you would you.........
  5. if he forgot your week aversery would u......
  6. would you kiss him in front of your friends
  7. if he didnt smell so good would you ........
  8. what do u like most about him?
  9. he tries to hold your hand you ....
  10. he tells you he loves

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