Do u no ur IM? (if you can't read the title, dont take the quiz)

There are a LOT of people that IM constantly, but do they really know ALL of the correct phrases? I don't think that anyone could stand up to the massive hardness of this quiz... unless you that case... MTFBWY! OMG ILY!! lol...:)

Are YOU the one that can beat my quiz? Do YOU have the power to defeat my quiz? I dont think so. I mean, sure, you IM and know what lol is, but do you think that you can get through the phrases like MTFBWY? i didn't thinnk so. better go get that acronym dictionary(online of course)

Created by: Leslie

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Okay, an easy one... Lol=
  2. make a really happy smiley!
  3. if someone says: ttyl to you, what are they doing?
  4. what's h8
  5. what is HAND
  6. whats ILY
  7. u im on wat?
  8. what does IM stand 4?
  9. so...could u read the title?
  10. Which of the following could be said in Star Wars (of course in IM) ?
  11. Was this easy?

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