Do u need to loose weight

Alot of people in the world are fat,averageand skinny. In this quiz you can find out about your weight and i f you need to lose or gang weight. In this quiz you will find out about my opinion of your weight .

Are you too skinny,skinny,average,chubby,fat . Do you have a pot belly or a muffin top ?????You can find out in just 12 questions. Please give the true information in this quizz. Or your results will be inncorrect

Created by: jasmine
  1. How many rolls of fat do you have sitting down and leaning over.
  2. when you walk does your belly jiggle?
  3. does you belly fat hang over your pants
  4. How much do you eat a day ??
  5. Do you think your fat ??
  6. Are you enjoying this quizz.. ??
  7. How many kg do you weight
  8. has anyone called you fat ??
  9. do you exercise??
  10. Do you want to be ...

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