do u love your boyfriend

There are many people in the world that want you tell them that you love them! also they want to hear from you that you will be truthfull at all times and will never cheat

thanks to this great quiz you will find out if you truelly love him or if it just a fake phony fling going on! so take this quiz and find out now if you love him

Created by: Lauren

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  1. do u call your boyfriend at nite and talk for hours?
  2. do u write him love letters?
  3. do u see yourself with him in the future?
  4. do u make time for him?
  5. do u talk to him about his life and listen to his answers?
  6. does it matter if age is in play?
  7. does it matter if he is colored?
  8. does it matter if his parents like u?
  9. are u willing to give up your free time for him if he gets sick?
  10. are u willing to drive, bike, walk, or do anything to see him if he lives 1,2,3 hours or miles away?

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Quiz topic: Do u love my boyfriend