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  • Hey Justin bieber!!! Nobody could explain how much I love u and ur music you should come to minnesota!!! Me and my friends LOVE you!!! And you know Wat would be a good idea? You should be in a movie soon!!! Who ever else agrees with me comment on this. I LOVE YOU JUSTIN BIEBER! PLEASE COME TO MINNESOTA!!!!!!!!!! !

  • I'm thinking about dumping Selena, if you guys really hate her that much. Should I dump her? I really wanna please my fans.


    Justin Beiber
  • Justin you are soooooooo cute I love you and if you see jaden tel him I love him and on another music video you have can you tell people aniyah johnson wrote this I love you I hope you love me to because you are the best

  • People! calm down. Justin is Selena Gomez's man. I like just Selena Gomez and Justin seperate, you know single. Not Jelena. (their names combined.)

    Duhh Sunshinee
  • what tha are yall serious like im the only ms.bieber i dont know whats with yall latasha honey stop telling people your gunna beat people up because its just not happening your prob ugly anyway and why am i even coming at you cause i already know justin so

  • I am dechen pelden from Bhutan,its a thing that every song of yours makes me fly away from this world. You are just amazing and I bet u that there is no fan like me in the whole world, actually universe.Love u always.Hee...hee...

  • Hey wats up Justin? well im doing great u rock my fave song of yours is favorite girl,bigger,frist dance.when i herd of i started crying because i want to meet u and become best friends i know all girls want that but that is my dream to meet u i idol u .love ya

  • I super love Justin Bieber!!!!!!!He's the best singer ever and I'll always be his no.1 belieber and Justin has such an amazing voice.He's great and I heard on Justin Bieber zone he's not retiring.My cuttie Justin Bieber is a cuttie and he's handsome.I have Bieber Fever.Aaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh hhhhhhh Justin!!!!! :D

  • hey!! i love justin bieber too!! thre is tis kid in my school and he isso hot he really looks like justin bieber alot and I kinda like him! when I pass him he stares at me alot even in the class!!But justin bieber is cute to!!

    his ame is Anthony he is sooo cute!! I am not kidding guys,

    justin bieber and him look like brothers!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

    so bye guys! hey there petuina my budy! BYE!

    lovable JB
  • everyone like to tell i love you justin,by reading this all mail is he bored, may he knows his all fans love him ,he is very cute and handsome,loving,i never seen a handsome boy like justin...i like his album die in your arms,baby,boyfriend ,kiss and tell

  • I don't really take interest in Justin Bieber. I respect him as he's famous but I'm into artists who entertain me

  • It said I like him a little. I guess I do, but not really. I'd rather have him as a friend then a bf! And it's true I do like someone else, but he has a girl friend. I'm happy he's happy with her.

    Cassandra 72
  • Ugly mister Bieber kissed Usher in the back seat of the limo If ya Luke him then ya is nasty and I don't like him if ya do then yor lost

  • I hate Justin Bieber. HE couldn't sing to save his life, girls fawn over him like he's the next Michael Jackson, and if you ask me, he's gay.

    dark lily
  • hellll yaaa hahaha
    ___________ __
    Do U LOVE Justin Bieber???
    Your Result: You aren't right for him at all!

    you don't have anything 2 do with Justin Bieber! You are into another guy, and that guy is right for you! NOT JUSTIN You have a bold, but tense heart!

  • I agree with "CIARA BIEBER" how does this quiz maker know about "JB" I DONT love him MY FRIENDS ARE CRAZY about him for your info your QUIZ is also STUPID I'LL rate you 1 for making the quiz

    Black princess
  • Yay, the quiz was right! I hate, lothe, a dispise him with every fiber of my being!!!!! =D Oh, and if u do love him, get over it because he's too busy screeching out bad music, that he wouldn't have time for a girl, EVEN IF HE WANTED TO! Duh.


  • man i hated you SO much till i heard 'Sombody to love' and it was like BAME! love of my life and i saw how cute you are and ALL your videos of everything make you so cool you seem like the person that would do anything to make somone laugh i cant go see your concerts cuz my parents say its to much to spend on a ticket i try winning them...didnt work you seem SO cool and your singing makes me get butterflys in my stomech i LUV your style its hot and cute! and i LUV your eyes and personality!!! eyes so amazing and personality is a 5 star! me 13 LUV

  • I think ur hot do u want to go out i'm 14 years old and my name is Alex type back and let me know can u come tues and meet my friends i live in Va at 112 barracks beach dr my number is (1-804-224-1360) and can i have your num ? the internet sucks here and won't give me it

  • i like justin bieber way more than any body , not because his look or his music but because of him.. he is the nicest guys ever, he seems like it but i bet he is so al you girls that like him for his looks and money. say to your selves he would want a girl that just likes him for his looks and money, sure he is the hottest guy in the universe and he is that best singer but that dont matter its the human being in side that counts and thats what you should like him for.. i love you justin bieber:)...

  • yay i love jb awww he is sooo hot and fit and sexy i could go on forever aww im daydreaming right now my friends got really annoyed that i always speak about him im obessesed...

  • justin bieber looks like the kinda guy that wont hurt a girl like other boyz do to gurlz look i would love 2 meet him in person but i might never get to so yeah but i really like justin as a BF but i would rather chill with him as a friend 1st before i would end up dating him kuz i'm not that absest with him he needs to get to know u before anyone dates him!!!

  • I liked Justin bieber when he was little but now he is a spoiled brat I used to like him but idk about now him and his music is going down hill.

    kari thornton
  • justin bieber is so cute. the one thing i like about im is his eyes style and voice i dont really care about how his face looks like just his personality even if his face is cute one day we can meet i sing to so we will get along very good. i sing, dance hiphop, and modle

  • justin bieber is sex and he songz he girlfriend is happy to have him but i was his girlfriend i be happy to have him too . me and my friend lk him too i was fan to know about his music beause my brother have his songz on his psp i9 said who is singer at songz my brother said that at is justin bieber i said who was justin bieber he said justin bieber is a new boy that usher make him fame i said he is a good singer . so at how i known jb music


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