do u like girls a lot

there are lots of girls who like boys but do boys like them take this quiz and find out wether you hate tham or love them and it is lots of fun so please take this quiz and find out to day

are you ladys man or and u hate girls u could not find out untill now this great quiz. in just a few minutes you will find out wether you like girls love them think thay are ok or hate them

Created by: gazza cain

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how many girlfriend have u had
  2. do u have girls as mates
  3. if yes abbout how many
  4. do u have a siter that you are close to
  5. if yes how close
  6. would u rather marry a girl or just keep as a girlfriend
  7. how well do u get on with girls
  8. do you like boy or girls more
  9. would you help girls if they need it
  10. would you stop girls form fighting

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