Do u know your memes?

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Today it looks like you are going to find out if you know your memes! If that's not why your here, leave! Begone! Yeah you! I'm looking at you! YEEAH!!

If you ARE here for this however, BE PREPAAAARED!!!!!!! This is a semihard quiz that will determine if you are worth of meeting the DERP KING! Amazing, huh? YEAAAH!!!!!!!!

Created by: Boi
  1. What is da wae?
  2. when you know your friends love the lunch you have and they might steal some what do you say?
  3. When your friend says all I want for Christmas is; you say:
  4. Do u like waffles?
  5. thank u!
  6. what YouTube videos will you be found watching?
  7. IMPORTANT: do the third answer if you don't know this song! Talk dirty to me:
  8. How do you work a computer?
  9. When you try your best and you
  10. They did I surgery on a
  11. Ever ask someone if they brushed their teeth and they go "yes"? What say you?
  12. Final question! Ugandan or Uganda?
  13. I lied that wasnt last this is! What are the following lyrics? Only a memeaster will know.. Hit or miss-

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Quiz topic: Do u know my memes?