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The internet is a wide and interesting place. It is teeming with memes that everybody knows and loves. They're all over Youtube, Facebook, and ofcourse 4Chan.

You think you know them? You probably don't. You're probably never going to amount to anything regarding this quiz without Wikipedia. I triple-dog dare you.

Created by: georged
  1. What happens when you hit 88 miles per hour?
  2. What makes one cry?
  3. Who had the best video of all time?
  4. What is the current stardate?
  5. What makes time travel possible?
  6. What is RAB?
  7. How many roads must one man walk?
  8. What is the most efficient form of torture?
  9. What is the world's greatest producer of garbage?
  10. How many shots has he had?

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