Do u know ur Us history date events?

You all did a really really really good and a really great job feel free to take it over again if you would like to I also hope you did not chest on any of these.

You must be smart but I just hope you didn't cheat on any of these question but I can tell you know your history dates you did a really really really good job!

Created by: Hayden
  1. What happened on 11/22/1963
  2. What happend on June 6 1945
  3. What day did the U.S. Get their independence?
  4. What year did ww2 end
  5. What day was the twin towers destroyed on?
  6. Who died on April 30 1945
  7. What month was Pearl Harbor attacked in?
  8. What president served from 1801-1809
  9. What was drafted in 1776
  10. Who was the president during w1?
  11. What day is Memorial Day on ?
  12. What year did JFK die?
  13. What year was d-day on?
  14. What day is flag day?
  15. What day is Columbus Day on?
  16. What day is Robert e Lees birthday on?
  17. What month is Lincolnshire birthday on?
  18. What month is Lincolns birthday on?

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