Do You Know Les Misrables?

Have you seen or heard of Les Misarble? Well if you have lets see how much you know of it. I'm an expert so if you pass this then I may make a harder one with much confusion. So don't get cooky. Try your luck and don't cheat.

Can YOU pass my test. This is a musical and it has a sound track. The questions on here are only from disk one. But there are actually two disks. So good luck and I wish you the best. Also this is in fact Mega_crazy.

Created by: Meghan
  1. Where is the setting for Les Misrables?
  2. Who sing Castel on a Cloud?
  3. Why does Fontine give Cossett to the ninnkeepers?
  4. When does Fontine die?
  5. How does she die?
  6. Why does she lose her job at the factorie?
  7. How did Jonverjon end up in jail?
  8. "He slept a summer by my side" Who sings that line?
  9. Who "finds" Jonverjons soul?
  10. Did the workers into the end get their happiley-ever-after?

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Quiz topic: Do I Know Les Misrables?