Do they like you?

Do you know if you're crush likes you?No?Well that's why i'm here with this quiz.Be sure to be truthful and find what your score is. Concur the feeling of unknowings.

This quiz asks 10 simple questions that will answer your burning question.If your crush likes you or not.This quiz is truthful and you should be true.Good luck to you!

Created by: Melody

  1. Does He/She talk to you a lot?
  2. Do you flirt with each other?
  3. How much do you see each other each day?
  4. Do they like to be around you?
  5. Does He/She like anyone else?
  6. Are they really nice to you?
  7. How much do they know about you?
  8. Have you met their family?
  9. Does anyone else like them?
  10. Do You Think They like You? (Doesn't effect you're score)

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