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  • Do people talk about you behind your back?
    Your Result: yes you are hated

    People don't just give you evil stares for no reasons, you must be really mean! If you don't start being more nice and cheerful, you'll end up with no friends, that is if you don't already.

    yeah because there so JEALOUS! ha i girls walk up to be when i walk in the room i aint mean they are jealous!

    Ha im so sweet but i can be sooo cruel

    yeah dont mess with girls from texas even if they have a lil bit in em!

  • Your Result: no people don't like to even look at you


    And if they do it's in dicust at how gross and feral you are. If you have any friends(which is hard to imagine) then they are often embarassed to be around you and probably are going to black mail you with your secrets.

    Gee... I feel so much better.

    Sir Claymore
  • Omg the fact that this is true hurts me 😂

    I’m mean asf . But I do have people to hang with. And one friend as well . Because some of these ho’s fake . Omg bye 👋🏼

  • result: yes in a good way
    aw.. thanks! i feel good now. :D

    jacoba shae

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