Do I Need Coaching?

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A Life Coach is such a helpful tool for people to use. From acting as a sounding board which is impartial and is able to raise and identify objections without bias, by asking the right questions to having someone guide you through a process of releasing what no longer serves you, helping you to become more confident and live the life which you truly want.

You are here, asking the question: is this right for me?Well, I don't believe you are here by accident or by coincidence. If you are still not sure take the quiz!

Created by: Charmaine of Living In Colour
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  1. Do I feel stuck?
  2. Do I need help setting goals and making plans?
  3. Am I completely happy in all areas of my life?
  4. Do I know how to create fulfilment in the areas of my life in which I am not satisfied?
  5. Do I want to become more confident?
  6. Do negative emotions, beliefs or traumas effect my daily life?
  7. Would I benefit from an outside perspective, which is unbiased?
  8. Am I living up to my true potential?
  9. Do I want to make positive changes in my life?
  10. Do I want to get started RIGHT NOW?

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