Do guys think ur ugly, ok, cute, pretty, or HOT?

Ever wondered, Hey!!! What do guys think of me? Am I cute? Or HOT? Or just plain unattractive? Hmm... Well, take this quiz and you'll find out! Now some info.

Ok, just 2 tell u, THIS IS NOT A QUIZ 4 BOYS. No offense dudes, we love u. *Dude smiles at me* Ok, well this is my 1st quiz, so just work w/me here, Kk? Hope u like it!!!

Created by: Mandie
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. HEYYY!!!
  2. Sooo? What did u do 2day?
  3. Ok, by now, u prob figured out that this is a quiz 4 only girlzzz. Right?
  4. Ok, do u wear makeup? If u do, what makeup do u wear?
  5. What r some of ur fav songs?
  6. How 'bout jewelry?
  7. Kk, now the basics...Kinda...Ok, so, what type of clothing do u wear?
  8. *clears throat* Hairball!
  9. What r u like?
  10. OK! Great! What do u think about the DISCO DAYS?!
  11. Do u flirt?
  12. Have a bf?
  13. Ok...Have high self esteem?
  14. Ok! Hair COLOR???
  15. Do u hang around popular people?
  16. OK! Thank U SO much 4 taking my quiz! Hope u enjoyed it! PS-none of my comments at the end are mean. ^-^ Oh, and I got the CUTE result. BYE!!!

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