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  • I’m always Poseidon Cabin, Hufflepuff House, and Amity. Why, I don’t know. 🤔

    BonJovi18 Feb 25 '18, 6:54PM
  • 93% divergent. Hmmmm... I don't know if it fits me. Whatever.

    Gparry Jan 28 '16, 11:05AM
  • I meant I am erudite I am not candor I lie sometimes

    emmaleem03 Feb 28 '15, 1:55PM
  • I knew I was divergent I am honest fearless and selfless

    emmaleem03 Feb 28 '15, 1:52PM
  • 86% divergent, I am more dauntless, second like abnegation and third like candor. I am Tris ( beatris)

    emmaleem03 Feb 28 '15, 1:51PM
  • 88% divergent. I'd say I'm candor and dauntless but I would go dauntless cause I want to jump off of trains and buildings

    crazyperson1 Dec 17 '14, 6:27PM
  • 80% Divergent!!

    So totally me!!!

    like_a_blur May 27 '14, 4:48PM
  • 80% Divergent!!

    So totally me!!!

    like_a_blur May 27 '14, 4:44PM
  • 83% Abnegation :)

    EvaTheHybrid Apr 29 '14, 4:59AM
  • I got Divergent which totally fits me!!!!
    Good job with this quiz!!!!

    Wiccangirl13 Feb 12 '14, 12:18AM
  • i really need to read divergent!
    i feel so ignorant!
    ugh... >.

    gamemonster03 Oct 6 '13, 2:24AM

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