Disney Channel's Female Sweethearts

There are a lot of Disney sweethearts from past and present, but I could only name some. Do you know them or are you still learning? Do you know who I'm talking about?

Thanks for taking my quiz!

Created by: katielove
  1. who is the star of wizards of waverly place
  2. what show did miley cyrus play on?
  3. who played maddie on suite life of zack and cody?
  4. who sings the single "a year without rain"
  5. what name was miley cyrus originally born with?
  6. who played joe's bestfriend on the show "jonas"?
  7. what are the names of the four women who played "the cheetah girls"
  8. who played sharpay in "high school musical"?
  9. who sings party in the usa?
  10. thanks for taking my quiz!

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