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there are so many people who think they are the best but to truly find out you should take this could be loud but quiet among friends or in public now you can find out whether or not you are the person you think you are.

Are you loud do you always want attention or are you quiet or are you in between. you should find out by taking my quiz.The people who are the best are the Quiet ones they are just too shy to show their true personality so try to get all of your friends to try this quiz.

Created by: chris

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. how do you walk?
  2. how do you talk?
  3. do you ever make eye contact with the person you talk to?
  4. do you have any friends?
  5. if so how many?(dont lie)
  6. do you have a strong bond with them?
  7. How do you enter a room?
  8. DO you ever ask other people if you act wierd or stand out
  9. Do you ever have fun days or times with friends?
  10. DO you ever try to get away from all of the kids at school who ae more popular than you?

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Quiz topic: Discover my personality