Did your friend gain weight?

You wondered what happened to your friend? He looks a bit rounder or slimmer in the face or belly, but you didn't want to ask him if he has gained or lost weight? Then take this quiz and find out.

This quiz was designed for boys or girls who want to see if his or her male friend gained weight. To get a relatively accurate result, your friend should be 15-17 years old. And don't forget: this quiz is no replacement for talking with you friend.

Created by: Guest1234
  1. Did you notice that his belly changed with a T-Shirt on and sitting?
  2. Before PE: Your in the changing room and look at your friend's belly. What does it look like when he's standing?
  3. Same situation: Does he have love handles?
  4. Later in PE class: Does he take part in sports or is he just walking, standing or even sitting around?
  5. What does he normally wear and how do his clothes fit?
  6. Did his eating habits change?
  7. Do you know what shirt size he wears?
  8. Do you know how much he weighs? (This question is for boys about 5'7'' to 5'11'' (170cm -180cm) in height.(+/- a couple inches)
  9. What do you think is the result of this quiz?
  10. Did you like this quiz? (No affect on the score)

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Quiz topic: Did my friend gain weight?