Did you watch all Steven Universe episodes?

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Many ask themselves, do I know Steven Universe better than even Peridot may know? Inside that soul may be a inner genius who know SO much about Steven Universe?

Cam you prove yourself to be a STEVEN UNIVERSE ULTIMATE FAN? Even if the title say so, they are a few question unrelatble to episodes but to voice actors, so we cam really know if you really deserve the title

Created by: Connie

  1. In 'Fusion Cuisine' Who voices Alexandrite?
  2. In which episode did Steven meet Ruby and Sapphire?
  3. In which episode does Pearl fuse with Rose Quartz? Hint: Flashback
  4. In which episode does Connie reveals to her mother that she does not need glasses?
  5. Finish the lyric: "Dad always seemed apprehensive, and now he's really -----------?
  6. Finish this sentence: Amethyst:"I never started------------------." HINT: From the episode:'The Message'
  7. Jasper asks Lapis to fuse to become Malachite again in 'Alone at sea' Does she accept?
  8. In 'Are you my Dad?' where does Connie meet Aqamarine and Topaz?
  9. Who voices Smoky Quartz in 'Know your Fusion'& 'Earthlings'?
  10. Who does Jennifer Paz voice in Steven Universe?

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