Do you Steven Universe?

There are many smart people and many great Steven Universe shows! Watch Steven Universe on cartoon network! It'll help you pass. I hope you good luck!

Do you have what it takes to master all the questions and guess my favorite gem? You have to find your true genius. don't forget to comment. Good luck!

Created by: Kayla

  1. In the episode 'Beta' Where did Peridot find the perfect exit hole?
  2. Who is the fusion of Amethyst and Steven?
  3. If Rose Quartz shattered a gem, who was the gem she shattered.
  4. Who made the fusion Garnet?
  5. Trick question: In the episode Beta, which season did Lapis say she was watching?
  6. Trick Question: Why did Steven stretch himself out on his 14th birthday?
  7. How many beings did Steven fuse with?
  8. What did Bismuth make that would shatter gems and win the home world battle?
  9. What was a giant fish that the gems had to battle?
  10. Hardest Question of All: Who is my fave gem?!

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