Diary of a wimpy kid

This quiz is easy enough for both Smart n low IQ level people... So no need to worry about this all... really easy... But that's if u have read Diary of a wimpy clearly

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Created by: Areej Ahmed

  1. Who became Rowley Jefferson's girl friend?
  2. Who was Holly hills sister?
  3. "I was just glad mom didn't invited ___ a weird kid who lives up the street... name that kid!
  4. In what book Greg went with his family on a road trip?
  5. Who is Greg's older brother?
  6. Which girl greg dream's to marry in the book "Dog Days"
  7. Greg's pen pal is from what country?
  8. Who's Greg's best friend?
  9. Whats Gregs moms name?
  10. Whats the sirname of Greg's family?
  11. Who's greg's most favourite girl?

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