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    Nancy [no urls]

    nancy Sep 25 '14, 12:23PM
  • Hah!! This is true i really like to play as a wizaed then my quiz score is 91% wizard

    selemene Mar 25 '14, 10:13AM
  • I liked this quiz. And I got Wizard!

    Mystery888 Dec 1 '12, 4:05AM
  • This chain mail stuff in a load of crap. Dont you have anything better to do? Besides, im a wizard... watch your back :P

    shadowgal123 Jul 3 '12, 3:29PM
  • I only try chain letters to see if they work. I don't believe the bad ones though, just the ones that bring good luck! :)

    Sage Parson Jun 1 '12, 1:24AM
  • -.- whats up with all the stupid things all the "i am ..... i am dead" or DONT READ THIS... waste of time people! anyway i got demon hunter...0.0 i am watching you!

    Whitewarrior May 27 '12, 3:33PM
  • You gotta be kidding me? do you guys actually believe this?!

    thisisjustwrong May 27 '12, 6:21AM
  • doesn't entirely ask question too needed to know a type of character. I mean should have asked stuff like If a man attacks you what would you do or Your stuck in a room the door is locked and there are no windows how do you escape

    Questioner123 May 12 '12, 4:39PM

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