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  • Thank you for taking the quiz. Your depression quiz score is 70%.

    You should consider hospitalization.I would suggest that if you wish personal growth toward challenging objectives you consider something like cognitive therapy because it may get you out of some stuck places in your life.

    Well, I'm shocked it wasn't higher.. :/

    Minidithia Sep 18 '08, 12:09AM
  • well wow...i got a 100%. not much news in that anyway. oh well

    blackbeautyXpunker Dec 27 '07, 7:23PM
  • wow ya got a 100% i got 89% i feel like s--- maybe cause im home sick but i always go through my up's and downs thanks for quiz it was nice to know my percentage!!!!!!!!!!!!

    jossie500 Dec 27 '07, 3:05PM
  • 67%
    Not really a good quiz. I mean, there's more than one type of depression. What about S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder) or post-pregnancy?

    Irish_Willow Dec 27 '07, 3:01PM
  • 100%! No wonder I feel like dirt all the time.

    wallywag16 Dec 26 '07, 2:05PM
  • i got a freaking life really does suck!

    ashly Dec 26 '07, 12:01AM
  • i got 0% depressed yahoo i am not depressed sorry for all who r

    Bicky Dec 25 '07, 7:53PM

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