Demigod or God/Goddess

This is quiz two out of my little quiz series. Again, like I've said before check out my blog at fergusongoddessofannoyancewashereat .wordpress .com (remove spaces).

Quizzes Done So Far: 1) Demigod or Mortal 2) Demigod or God/Goddess Quizzes Coming Soon: 3)Female or Male Godly Parent 4a) Who Is Your Female Godly Parent 4b) Who Is Your Male Godly Parent 5) *BONUS QUIZ* Ferguson Goddess of Annoyance's "How Annoying Are You" Personality Quiz.

Created by: Ferguson Phoebus

  1. Monsters always seem to find you faster and/or easier than other demigods.
  2. You seem stronger than other demigods, but only when you are doing something in particular.
  3. You never really felt related to your mortal parent.
  4. You've developed an unnatural skill that your other demigod siblings have not.
  5. You feel more "at home" on Olympus than you do at Camp Half-Blood.
  6. Even though one of the gods has already claimed you, you have certain traits or skills that come from another god.
  7. When I was little I used to call "Fruit Loops" "Hoop Loops".
  8. Sorry, I know that last question made no sense whatsoever, but I don't care. Yay! You radiate more power than a normal demigod.
  9. The gods have always been easier (if they're EVER easy) on you, like they know something you don't.
  10. And, finally, you discovered that you were of godly blood younger than usual.

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