Death's Everlasting Love

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Hi! Hope you enjoy it! I know I'm working on three series now! I'm still working of "Life in Cocoon" and "Love found at sea" I would never drop something that I started.

Okay so this story is about a girl who has a best friend (I'm in the story but I didn't put my real name) and meets some new kid that she's totally not interested in he flirts with her. And weird voices talk to her.

Created by: Wolfygirl

  1. I'm writing down notes for my algebra 4 class. My last class of the day as the teacher gives instructions on our homework. Its honors so everyone listens and takes notes and participate. Increasing my learning. I heard the clock tick slowly. Then the bell rang. Mrs. Void my algebra teacher said "Homework is due tomarrow the instant you walk in here. You are all dismissed." I packed my paper in my nicly organized binder. I put them in my backpack and walked over slowly to my locker. I grabbed out my books from honors English 4, Honors Biology and my writing class homework prompt. A descriptive story giving suspence. I put the big text books neatly in my shoulder bag that was yellow. I don't know why but I like the color yellow. It's just bright and happy. I check in my mirror making sure I look okay. I brushed my hair. I finished packing my things and grabbed my little flute case and walked to the soda machine. I put in a dollar and got me a water bottle.
  2. I walked through the outside parlor and into the fine arts building. Its where the Valley Vista high school band goes to practice after school. I'm in the concert band so we preform for concerts while the freshman's who are experianced go to the marching band for parades. The beginers are the ones with no experiance in playing and instrument and want to give it a try. I opened the door and Mr.Pole looked at me. I held up my water bottle. He nodded and let me continue on. Mr.Pole wont let us play unless if we have water with us before we even step in the fine arts center buuilding for band. He's pretty cool. I put my bag in the empited part of it and put my flute together. The head, keys and the end for flats. I angled the head so it can play every note, high and low notes. Once I was satified I played the legend of zelda theme song. I stopped and smiled. I remembered when I was playing the skyward sword of this series. I was lost on the sand area with the purple crystal. I was fustrated and did a skyward strike on the crystal and I found it as a hateway through to the next temple. I felt so stupid. I laugh.
  3. I felt a precence near me and turned around. I saw Liz my best friend in the whole wide world. Well really my only friend. I was the smart group that people don't talk to unless if it's about helping people with homework. She was short but beautiful. She had long curly brown hair with beautiful turquiose color eyes. Her eyelashes were naturally long and her fingers were small. She was really quiet. She was helpful, kind, sweet and all of the good things on earth all mixed together making her this kind angel like girl. She was not mean, she didn't swear, she was a catholic, and she was just a great person that I could write a ten page essay on how nice and pretty she is. She smiled when she saw me. "Hey Liz" I said. "Hi ____" She said in her perfect high saprano voice.
  4. She pulled out her flute. She practiced her notes with perfect ease. She looked at me and said "So how was your day?" "Good how about yours?" I asked her. "Good. So I heard that theres a new guy around." She said. "Really?" I asked. She nodded "Yup, guess every popular girl in this school now has a crush on him. Guess he's pretty hot. I even heard someone took a picture of him and posted it on facebook saying 'Hottie on the loose!'" The way she dramatically put her hands up in the air and said in a crazy voice 'Hottie on the loose!' made me laugh. "Guess he sure is the talk of the school." I said giggling.
  5. "Okay everyone lets practice our school fight song!" said Mr.Pole. Me and Liz walked to where the other flutes where. There was 4 of us total. There was 5 clarnets, 3 tubas, 6 percussion people, 5 trumpets, 4 trombones, 5 saxphones, and 3 french horns. I held my head up and played the beautiful high pitched voice of the magical flute. It always soothed me. After we were done saying 'M' rest 'O' rest 's' rest 'O' rest 'O' rest 'N'. We took a water break. I drank the cold liquid. It ran down my throat slowly cooling my mouth. After and hour of praticing and 4 water bottles I walked home with Liz. We talked about our day and laughed at our dumb, weird jokes. We lived in the same town together. El Mirage of Arizona in the valley of the sun. It was small and old but it was a nice little neighborhood besides the gangs that might lurk in the shadows. You just need to know the right people, right places to go at the right time. I liked it cause it was quiet. I said was. They fix the main road that use to be quiet as a mouse. But now its loud with cars making u-turns. West of the road lead to the walmart and neighboring town Surprise, bordederd by the rail road tracks.
  6. The next day I started my school day with honors biology. I sat in the two seating desk with my pencil taking notes. Class hasn't started and I was early but I liked to take notes from the book. I get more knollege then just from the teacher. I felt a precence near me. I heard my name and saw my science teacher, Mr.Brungle talking to a tall guy with silver white natural hair and dark green eyes. He was pale and was hot. He was muscular and had not a deep voice nor a high pitched one that cracked. It was a nice, calm, soothing voice. *So this is the new guy that Liz told me about. He's not that great* I thought. I went back to taking notes.
  7. I then felt my spine tingle. It was tingling of fear. Like this guy had a bad arua around him. I looked at the corner of my eye and saw the new guy sitting right next to me. "Hi my name is Luke" He said kindly. "I'm ____." I replied. "Thats a beautiful name" He said. "Thanks your name is cool also" I said to him. He looked me up and down. Probably just trying to figure out if I'm hottie material. *Whatever* I thought. I continue to write notes.
  8. Then class started. I answered the easy biology questions. After the class discussion our teacher just let us talk for the rest of the hour. He's cool like that. I went to continue writng my notes. "So whats your favorite subject in this school?" Luke asked. "Bio" I said. "This class huh?" He said. "Yup why do you ask?" I said. "No reason." He said. I went back to writing in my note book. Then he was about to say something but the period bell rang. I packed my stuff up and left the class room before anyone else.
  9. Class after class I took notes and finished homework on freetime. Finally it was the end of the school day. I sat on a chess board with Liz. We always finished our homework and before band we would sometimes play chess. I moved my knight to her wide open king. "Check mate." I said crossing my arms and leaning to the back of my chair. Liz's hard focusing face turned to her sweet smile. She moved her bishop and took my knight. "Not anymore. And I get a free knight!" She said. "How did you-" I was about to say but she just laughed. I then laughed. We laughed for a while. Liz always got me to laugh. Then we got up to go to band. I bought a water bottle and walked to the fine arts center. I praciced and me and Liz were on a bench in the park eating fries. The most delishious food made by France. At least thats what I think. If they are from France. Oh well they are good anyways and bad for my theighs! And I love them for it! "Thanks to Mcdonalds! For making this heart attack causeing food delishious!" I said raising a fry in the air. Liz pulled out her french fry and said "And for making their big macs! They make me fat and happy!" We took a victorius bite out of our poor little fries mercyless. I laughed and almost choked.
  10. Liz walked off to throw away the emptied fries bag. I was alone and humming the beat to Stuck like Glue by Sugarland. I felt a weird sensation to run in my spine. My heart started to beat faster my breathing became more quuicker. I felt cold hands touch my shoulder. I heard a voice that sounded cruel and evil yet it was persuasive. "Death's Love awakens after centuries of being buried....It now the time for death do become no more...." The voice said. I almost felt enchanted by it but and feeling not in my heart but somthing different, more pure and me gave me the sensation to go and find Liz. I jumped up and there was no one there.
  11. Liz came and looked at me with a worried expression. For a second I thought I saw light glowing from her. It was pure and heavenly. But I blinked and it was gone. The only light that was touching her was the head light. "I'm fine I just got startled by a squrril." I lied. The voice seem to be echoing in my head like a memory. I shook it off and did a double thumbs up in front of me and smiled. Liz smiled sand said "Its just a squrril silly. They don't kill." "Do you not know how many desieses those things carry?" I stated. She shook her head and said "Critics and their stupid science and logical facts. They don't understand." "Please Liz don't be a hippy girl" I said. "I'm not a hippy!" She said. "Okay but you can sometimes be a mr.Spot." I said. She looked at me and said "Him!? Exscuse me but I don't have pointy ears." I smiled and she did a *live long and prosper* hand gesture that Mr.Spot from Star Trek does. She smiled. The sun was now down and the stars were up. Well a few of them and I soon started to walk to school silently. I said good-bye to Liz and started to walk home.
  12. "Hey ____." Said a familiar voice. I looked to my side and saw Luke. His silver hair seemed to shine in the moonlight. His green grass eyes were just stunning. He was wearing a leather jacket with black jeans. His muscles were just breath taking but the way he made himself look like some type of bad boy was totally not my type. "Hey Luke, what are you doing here?" I said. "I live around here. Couple blocks down. I was taking a late night walk." He said. "Okay well see ya." I said walking away. I had my back turn to him and I saw at the corner of my eye that he was expressionless. In fact his had a small little grin. "What?" I asked him. "What do you mean by what?" He asked. "You have that grin." I said. "He walked next to me and whispered in my ear "Cause you make me smile...." I turned to face him and backed away saying "Sorry hot shot but I don't think that I'm that popular. Try hitting on one of the cheerleaders" "They are not my type." He said. His voice was enchanting but I was not buying his little sweet talk. "Hey-" He said. "Bye" I said. I turned and walked away. "I say hello and you say good-bye." I heard him chuckle "You are my type...and I'll make you mine..."
  13. Hi comment please and I'll continue this thanks!

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