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  • You don't know when I'll die, nor do I, but I know that God knows and it will be at the "right" time.

    Faithann Sep 15 '13, 6:26PM
  • 50% :'(

    NightSpear Aug 8 '13, 12:43AM
  • Woop woop 80 years old here I come!

    psycho2222 Jul 19 '13, 12:51PM
  • Your funny you think I'm dying at eighty you don't know when I'll die......are you death? I think not

    skulllprincess Jul 8 '13, 7:33AM
  • I'll die when I'm 70 big joke bad quiz it is WRONG

    Bubbles7265 Jun 30 '13, 8:58AM
  • Death isnt able to predicted. Cant be predicted.

    bluestarmirai Jun 16 '13, 5:58AM
  • This is so inaccurate....

    blobbybloblala Jun 6 '13, 5:22PM
  • I'm gonna live till I'm 80 and I'm 11

    Rhi70711 May 29 '13, 7:18AM
  • I will be 76 in June 2013.
    70 has come & gone??
    Looking forward to next 20!!!

    spalenj May 18 '13, 7:06PM
  • Wot wen I am 50 ok that might be true I dont care right now I am young and nowhere near 50

    Cherry888 Apr 28 '13, 3:32PM
  • I got 70, cool quiz

    coolme3 Apr 12 '13, 12:36AM
  • Live till I'm 70...wish this life could go at least a little faster...?

    cicidell Apr 4 '13, 6:30PM
  • I got 50 years old. That doesn't really bother me. I am going to die alone anyway.

    Fey Apr 2 '13, 8:06PM
  • Stop with the kissing report it's not REAL u guys r dum if u still believe it probably sum cocky teen made it up

    Btw I got 70 yrs old good but I'm getin worried I wish it was longer

    Georgiagreenaway Feb 11 '13, 4:33PM
  • Not sure what my fav color has to do with anything, but okay....

    Leo Ascendent Feb 7 '13, 11:04AM
  • Why? On the first I got 50, second 70! But I don't smoke and never have! Don't do dangerous things all the time and live in a safe country,and almost all of my family has lived up to 92

    chocolate127 Jan 27 '13, 11:08PM
  • I got 80 years old, and I was hoping for older!

    RAN13468 Jan 17 '13, 6:59PM
  • People stop reposting that kissing thing, its not real. I would think all of you would have understood those things are fake by now....

    And yeah cool quiz! I got 80 years

    AlexTheCat Jan 12 '13, 10:05PM
  • i was told before that i was gonna live until 86 or 84 and this quiz said until about 80 so i guess thats about right

    username Dec 8 '12, 7:15PM
  • 50 years old! Are you kidding me? Eh, he's probably right.

    Total Ponage Dec 4 '12, 8:38PM
  • O shiz im livin till 70 o crap i was hoping 110 =]

    Zelda299 Nov 22 '12, 2:51AM
  • ... I am going to live for 38 years... goodbye world... lol

    aspen_emerald Nov 15 '12, 8:30PM

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