Dear Crash…......

Okay Crash the bad boi druggie meets Harley. Okay yeah. Looks: Harley has snakebites (studs)-sorry If I said that wrong. Dark black hair big brown chocolate eyes.

Crash is a natural blonde but changed it to black with red streaks. (You'll find out later why) he has a labret. hmm his past is pretty hectic yep.

Created by: Rawrr_wuv_yhuee

  1. Does he miss me? Will he ever come save me? Oh, Crash I love you.- Harley Adeliyna Millers. 
  2. "Ashton Scout?" the teacher called roll. I didn't answer. "Ashton Scout?" he said again. He peered over the class. He stopped when he met my eyes. "Ashton!" he screamed. Again I did not answer. My buddy Joey or Smokey said "Mr Miggen... there is no Ashton Scout. His name is Crash." I smirked. "Crash Scout?" I raised my hand. "Right here b----." nobody dared said a sound. "Mr Scout I'm sick and tired of your-" the door opened.
  3. The door opened!" Ed said.(wow rhymes) "Who are you?" Bill(the teacher) said irritated. "Harley Millers." she said with the same tone as Bill. "Very well go sit by Ashton. Ashton raise your hand." again no answer. "Ashton." his voice rised. "My f---ing god! It's crash just say f---ing Crash!" smokey screamed. "Crash!" I raised my hand. She walked over by me. I smiled at her. She gladly returned it.
  4. "I'm Harley." she whispered. "I'm Crash." I yelled out. Causing the teacher to turn around and glare at me. She giggled. "You wanna skip next period?" she shook her head.
  5. I have to go meet these twats." I gave her a confused look. "What?"  "Oops I forgot I'm not in England." she giggled. "What does it mean?" she giggled shaking her head. I rolled my eyes at her playfully. The bell rang signaling us to switch classes. "Well Harley, come hang with us afterschool at the park." she nodded and skipped away.
  6. "Awe looky Crashy washy has a whittle crush."Spanky said (Stephen). I hit him in the shoulder. "No!." I protested. "Uh huh." Porky (Patt) sneered."Leggo!" I said. We went to the back to get high. 
  7. ~after school~ "Harley there you are!" I yelled. She smiled and skipped over.  "Let me introduce ya to my homies." she giggled. "Okay that is Smokey, this is Porky and Spanky the twins even though they hate each other and the blondie is Bubbles." she laughed at his name. "Guys this is Harley." "Hellos." the chorused.
  8. Okay last chappie for today. Everything is going to be in Crash's POV (point of view)
  9. Okay good or great (5+)
  10. Guess dis lyric!!! I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing With a broken heart that's still beating In the pain, there is healing In your name I find meaning So I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on, I'm holdin' on I'm barely holdin' on to you

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