DBZ love (fanfiction) part 1

this story is a dbz fanfiction, i havent written a story in a while so i apologize if im lacking some skill. if you dont know what the CHARACTERs look like then just google their names. insept for the ones that sound normal like lissa

thank you Firey_Soul if your reading this you inspired me to continue my writting. if it werent for you i would have given up. oh and thanx for clifhangers now i do them too. =-D

Created by: music monster J

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  2. It was a regular school day for you. You had just woken up to the sound of an annoying noise. It turns out that annoying noise was just your alarm clock. You slapped it down to shut it up. Drowsy you got up and got ready for school. An hour later you were at school in your first period of the day. The bell rang as you sat in your seat.
  3. Then you saw from the corner of your eye you saw a new student then thought to yourself *why does he look so familiar*. Just then you noticed another guy with lavender hair eyeing you. *Holy mother sushi!! Did I just see Trunks and Goten!! Their even sexier in person!!* You thought. Your science teacher Mrs. M started blabbing on about something but you weren't listening until she said new students and your eyes lit up like the fourth of July. "These are our new students Goten and Trunks" announced Mrs. M. "Hey" they said giving off shy smiles to everyone. The class was quite as Trunks and Goten toke their seats. Nothing awesome happened until lunch.....
  4. LUNCH you sat down next to your best friend Alyssa. "Hey" you said as you take your seat. "Um ...did you invite people to our table like the new kids" Lissa asked. "What? No?" you replied as you looked up. And saw Trunks and Goten walking towards you.
  5. Trunks put his hands on the table as if he were getting ready to play good cop bad cop. you looked at Lissa she had no clue what was going on either. "______, right" trunks asked you nodded yes. "Come with us please" Goten asked so sweetly you couldn't deny it. "Sure" you said shrugging your shoulders and getting up and walking away with them. As soon as you were off campus you began to wonder what was going on. "Okay what's going on? Why am I here" you asked. "Are we far enough "you heard goten ask trunks. Trunks nodded. "You're a sayien, one of the most powerful sayiens that we know of. We don't get where your sayien heritage comes from yet." Trunks explained..
  6. But in the meantime we need you to come with us back to our house" Trunks said with an adorable half smile on his face sometimes he was just so sexy. "Wait why do I have to go with you?" you said while secretly thinking rapist. "Because my dad wants to meet you and see what happened in order for you to be a sayien." Goten said. "Okay" you said worried *I'm not sure if I can trust them, what if this is some sort of sick prank or something.* "You can trust us chill out were not rapist, we just want to help you control your powers because soon every bad inhumane person you can think of will be trying to find you to steal your abilities. You won't be able to make it on your own" Goten said. "WTF is that supposed to mean I'm not tough?!!!???!!!?!?! Dude I'm warning you not to piss me off in that area because my anger will hurt you" you yelled feeling offended that they think your weak. "I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that it came out wrong" he apologized.
  7. "It's okay, I should apologize I'm the one who yelled. I don't have an attitude I just have a quick reaction to what I call bull****" you replied. *godarn she's hot when she's angry I just wanna~*you pulled out of Goten's thoughts. "Wow somebodies dirty" you murmured. Goten gave you this look that said sh** that was a mistake. "Let's go before she changes her mind" Trunks said starring wholes into Goten, who gave an adorable puppy dog face. They both used instant transmission to teleport you to Gotens house because that's where you'd be staying and training for a while. "This is your room" said Goten as he and trunks escorted you there and before that they gave you a tour around the house. After the tour you decided to go back to your room to chill out. After what you thought was 30 minutes went by Goten knocked on your door. "Come in" you sung as he walked in, you noticed he closed the door. "Can I talk to you about something really quick?" he said shyly. "Sure" you sat down next to him. "About my thoughts earlier, I'm sorry, at the moment I completely forgot that you could read my mind. It's not that I was thinking about bleeping you. ~" you decided to interrupt "Bleeping me, LoL. Nice choice of words, that's cute" you smirked as he blushed. "As I was saying, you pulled out of my thoughts before I could finish, I was thinking; DAMN she's hot when she's angry I just wanna stare at that beautiful face all day. I think you're sexy" he said. You let this news sink in and it turned into an awkward moment.
  8. "You think I'm hot?" is all you could come up with at the moment. He nodded, "oh and I got you this ring of friendship, always wear it no matter what" he said as he slipped this sliver ring with a small diamond that read ILY. "How do you know you love me if we have never meet before this?" you asked. "Because I had to watch you in order to find out if you were who we were looking for and I found this beautiful teenage girl with a remarkable personality. It wasn't until I saw Cell hiding in the bushes watching you from afar that I knew it was you. Don't think im a stalker because I just sa--" you kissed him before he could say anything else.
  9. He smiled while kissing you back. He placed his left hand on your waist and his right on your mid back, pulling you closer, to the point you were on top of him. When you pulled away you told Goten why you kissed him "Goten, you are an amazingly sweet boy. You were not being a stalker you were just trying to protect me. And you got me this pretty ring, so I thanked you with a kiss, it was the least I could do~" he cut you off with a quick kiss and said "you're welcome, oh and um...." He scratched the back of his head. "What??" you asked. "Do you wanna like go out sometime, like tomorrow or tonight or whenever you're ready" he asked really shyly and looking at the ground. You took his chin and tilted it so that he was looking directly at you "Where do you plan on going". "Is that a YES" he said with excitement.
  10. You nodded. "Really you're not just fu***** with me about this" he asked having some doubts already. "Why would I be fu***** with you. Goten you are awesome don't let anyone tell you otherwise. A girl like me would be lucky to date a guy as sweet and sexy as you" You said to him. He kissed you "ILY" he said before leaving the room. You blushed as he left. You checked your phone 12 messages, and it was 6pm already. You decided to take a shower as you began to look for clothes a loud alarm went off and the light in your room flashed red. You looked around your room thinking maybe its an intruder alert but as you turned a hand grabbed you......

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